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Writing Course W/assignments & Feedback

Posted by tech_marketer on 300 Points
i've seen some posts on online copy writing courses - but i'm REALLY looking for instructor led courses that offer feedback on your writing.

those are either hard to find or hard to identify when i find a seemingly good course on the web.

does anyone know good ones? preferably those with expertise in B2B technology marketing.

even tutors who charge by the hour would be fine.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I have tutored and consulted with newbie and wannabe copywriters, and I have extensive credentials in B2B marketing, but I don't really have a prepared "course" to serve as the backbone of a formal program. You probably won't find a good copywriting course on the web; copywriting isn't easy to teach. (It's like teaching someone how to ride a bicycle with just words.)

    If you have a current project that requires copywriting and want a coach/mentor, I'd consider that. If you are interested send me an email message and we can set up a time to talk. (Email address is in my profile.)

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    What kind of writing have you done up to this point?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It has been my experience that great copy is more a result of understanding the target audience at a deep level than it is of being facile with words. That's why it's hard to teach copywriting ... you have to first be a good marketer and know your target audience, and you need a solid benefit-oriented positioning. Those are not about "writing" at all.
  • Posted by tech_marketer on Author
    thanks for the responses, in short - would probably be looking for more advanced instruction.

    Mike, thanks for the question: I'd kind of call myself an intermediate writer-- 14 years in the business, done white papers, product pages, web content, countless presentations and speaker notes for customer-facing decks and press briefings. i've been told i'm a decent writer but I don't think i'm first tier. My writing is 'clean' but not sure it's 'persuasive', and perhaps it sounds too 'corporate'. could even use guidance on the gaps in my story, taking a different angle, and what i need to research more.

    and mgoodman, couldn't agree with you more - most of my material is based on extensive research, coming up to speed on the technology, and a lot of interviews with in-house experts and those experienced in the field. the biggest hole in my game is direct access and interviewing of actual customers-- not out of a lack of desire but the organization isn't encouraging of Factory people talking to their customers without a specific business reason (still working on it, that's another discussion). i'll reach out to you privately and show my latest WIP once it's in presentable shape.

    But if there's any baseline (and low cost) courses or guides to look at first, that would be great. MarketingProfs content course looks solid but just too expensive to not have interaction with the instructor. CopyBlogger seems to be the most advanced copy writing site I've seen to date.

  • Posted by dubois on Member
    How much would you pay for that MarketingProfs class if it were interactive?
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
  • Posted by tech_marketer on Author
    dubois, i think if an instructor was available for Q&A and reviewing material I'd probably pay $800 or so;

    big deal for me is learning over time (as opposed to a concentrated 1-2 day seminar, which i know is not what MProfs University does) ... takes a while for it to sink in, then apply it, then iterate to improve
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    One of the better approaches is to write in such a way that potential customers cannot but help build an internal picture of how their life will be improved if they follow your instruction. When they internalize the desire for your product/service, no one will be able to stop them from spending their money with you. It is ALL about the customer and their perceptions. Remember: They don't care about your features.
  • Posted by tech_marketer on Author
    Thank you Mike
  • Posted by dubois on Member
    I have a training idea I'd like to talk about, that would give you the interactive course you want. I'll leave it up to you to contact me.

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