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How To Get More Sales On My Upward Profile

Posted by Colette on 125 Points
I've been working on Upward for about five years and have been top rated for the past three years.
I am constantly trying to improve my Upward proposal and profile to help improve sales. I'm stuck and would like your feedback.
I bid daily but usually out of every fifteen bids I get only one response.
I am a video animation company and there is a lot of competition on Upwork. If you look at my proposal and my Upward profile, would you pick me to make your animation. If not, what can I do to improve?

I appreciate feedback on how I can either improve my proposal and/or my profile page. Below is my proposal and within the proposal is the link to my profile page. Thank you!! :).

p.s. I only send 3 or 4 relevant videos to my potential client and NOT all the samples that I am sharing here.


TOP RATED ON UPWORK! Just finished TED TALK series of 80+ whiteboard videos.
CLEAR - ACCURATE - DYNAMIC ANIMAtiON. GUARANTEE you will be impressed with my talent and FAST TURN AROUND

"AMAZING! FANTASTIC! LOVE IT! On every level, Colette, is one the best contractors on Upwork. She's creative, professional, produces high quality work & she pays attention to detail. I plan to hire her again and again!" She will always be my first choice for animated videos. Thanks Colette, you're the best!" -Lamar

-After Effects
-Motion Graphics
-2D animation
-Premiere Pro
-Illustrator and Photoshop
-Kinetic Typography
-Video Editing.

I WRITE easy to understand and INFORMATIVE SCRIPT coupling your awesome animated video with catchy MUSIC using the BEST PROFESSIONAL VOICEOVER artists in the industry!

Please view all my amazing reviews here.

See my video samples below.

Message me here or Skpe and I will get back within the hour.

Thank you!


After Effects

Color Animation


Motion Graphic





Motion Text





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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    A few suggestions, Collette:

    1) Use trackable short-links (e.g., to find out what sample (if any) of your prospects are viewing.
    2) Have any of your videos generated measurable results for your clients? That's the best proof.
    3) You have a few typos in your proposal, which would concern me: "ANIMAtiON", "[I] GUARANTEE you...", and "I WRITE [an] easy..."
  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Hello Jay!

    Thank you for great advice! Can't believe the spelling errors!
    Agree, the final proof is when clients see results from their traffic with our videos. Since
    we see repeated clients I assume the videos are working!

    Thank you for taking the time to help me improve my presentation.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    If it were me, and I had one very successful proven way to find business, I would search for a second way.

    I would recommend that you read the Wikipedia entry on diversification. It is a bit heavy on math and statistics. But it says that diversification will maximize your income with minimal risk. And it says that diversification does not merely involve multiple income sources, but also multiple methods and techniques and markets.

    If UPWORK went out of business tomorrow, what would the impact be on your business?

    I would think that you are reaching the point of diminishing returns this referenced profile. I would suspect that you can get more business with less effort and with less risk by finding and focusing on two or more additional sources of work.

    Regarding reading, if you have not read it, I also recommend that you read, "The E-Myth". I don't agree with 100% of everything that the author says, but I highly recommend his perspective that it is more important to work on your business then to work in your business. Good luck.
  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Thank you Telemoxi
    You are correct. I am growing out of Upwork and need a broader audience. I am pursuing this now.
    I've hired and trained 5 very talented artists. We can tackle just about anything.
    I will read everything you suggest. Thank you!

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