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Need Shopify Critique & Tips To Sell New Product

Posted by karen on 100 Points
My dilemma is I have a totally new product, a latent product. It solves the problem of misplacing women's keys and the problem of digging for keys inside a women's bag.

Sales go great in person with individual demonstrations.

So far only a handful of sales via website however my site visits are less 10/day. I want to hook the visitors I do get while i figure out how to get more traffic.

I would love your thoughts or any changes you would make on the home page.

And your thoughts on 2 of my product pages I've done in different ways.

Keysie Artisan:


Keysie Breeze:

I created the site myself and can make any changes without difficulty.
Thanks in advance!

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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    The demo video's spokesperson image is stretched (wrong aspect ratio). Since one of your marketing points is "stylish", the image breaks that consistency. Likewise, the photo of the gray keysie shown over torn jeans is out-of-focus.

    Is the #1 selling point "A smart way to hold (or keep) your keys & cards" or "Reducing stress" or "The stylish way to live" or ???

    Also - presumably women already have (or know about) key purse hooks or key finders. How is your product the proven better choice?
  • Posted by karen on Author
    Thanks Jay,
    "Is the #1 selling point "A smart way to hold (or keep) your keys & cards" or "Reducing stress" or "The stylish way to live" or ???"

    Those are all points I'm struggling with. At my table sales, after a personal demo, I get an emotional reaction on their face and they buy.

    "How is your product the proven better choice?" A: With my product you don't lose your keys in the first place.

    It angers me to see key finders ads reading "Never lose your keys again!" and I call Bull$hit on that!

    You don't need to use your key finder until you have lost your keys. Key finders find your LOST keys.

    My product prevents you from losing or digging for your keys so you don't need your key finder.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It seems to me that your core positioning benefit is "no more frustrating hunt for lost keys." It isn't "A smart way to hold (or keep) your keys & cards" or "Reducing stress" or "The stylish way to live" -- even though it may also be those things. The challenge isn't to register every possible benefit, but to focus on the most compelling benefit for your primary target audience.

    Just simplify the website and focus 99% of your attention on communicating a single-minded benefit. Then get started on attracting traffic to your site. That's the challenge ... because finding lost keys is probably not something most people go to their web browser for. How about point-of-sale displays at places that sell keys or wallets, etc?
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    Something like, "Fast, Positive Access to Your Keys".
    Approaching it from the safety angle may allow more visitors to justify the purchase.
  • Posted by karen on Author
    Thank you all for all your responses. It's great having another point of view getting me to look at it from a different angle I haven't thought about. K.I.S.S. got it.
    Thanks again, Karen

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