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Topic: Website Critique

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My Website Michael Is It Any Good

Posted by rockyboy2 on 25 Points
Should I keep changing the content to make the search robots get more interested
  • Posted by KSA on Member
    First you need to figure out what keyword phrases you want to be found for and then add content that is optimized for those keywords. Right now I can't tell what your site is about or why someone should go there.

    If you want to get found in the search engines, learn about SEO. Here's a great start:
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    KSA is right (as she usually is). Changing the copy on a regular/frequent basis is a good idea, but only if the copy itself is well written and contains the right keywords. First determine the objective. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you measure success?
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Author
    did anyone look at the website
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Author you can see its about promoting my novel if you look at the website
  • Posted by KSA on Member
    rockyboy2 - I did look at the website. But, in the method used by most Internet visitors, I first skimmed the page to see what it was about. I saw:

    Michael Nicolson presents rockyboy2 Blog
    Painting in acrylic and oils then digitally re-mastering images to create stunning modern images for sale
    Nicolson Tartan
    2018 is here what’s up?

    Becoming confused, I left the site. There is nothing that I saw that stood out saying you'd written a book, although it might be in the small print.

    This time I read the paragraph at the top right of the site (not the first place people look) and found a description of the book. I think you could write that to give people real motivation to read it, but that paragraph wasn't it. Action, sex and violence is everywhere, not a unique feature of your book

    I suggest you look at other examples of sites that promote books, there are a ton of examples, here's one that comes up near the top of an internet search:
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Author
    I will redo website then perhaps you can have another look good advice thank you KSA
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Author
    I have redone the website would appreciate your feedback thanks in advance
  • Posted by KSA on Accepted
    Hey - much better! The description of the book is much more intriguing now. Now, you need to change the tab "Dons Videos" to Michael's Videos" - who knows who Don is?

    Back to your question about making the site more attractive to search engines, my earlier thoughts stand. You will need to choose keywords and optimize content on the site for them. Recognize that getting the search engines to pay attention to your website is a long process that requires some hard work.

    If you want more immediate traffic, you might consider Adwords, where you can pay to be found on the search engines.

    Best of luck!

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