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Experiential Marketing - Using Augmented Reality

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As a business that works with emerging technologies for event marketing (that is, mobile AR, headset AR, and projected AR) , we are constantly looking for ways to show other businesses and agencies that working with these tools will provide genuine value and create shareable experiences that will generate word-of-mouth. Our main problem is that most of the time it is difficult for us to gather data on the ROI or direct impact that these tech installations create as you can always measure how, (for example, to use our most recent project) a mobile truck with an interactive show for Adidas where you walk in and can try on new cleats is able to generate direct ROI for the company. Also, when working with agencies as middlemen much of the time for our projects it's hard to gather data from them, so I'd like to know if you have any creative ideas for how to (besides direct) ROI that we can display the value of our services and how to gather data directly from our end-clients when there are middlemen agencies we have to work with.
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  • Posted by matt on Author
    You can find more information concrete information on our business here:
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    One approach to consider is bartering your product/service to an end-user/client in exchange for hard-data that will let you calculate the ROI. You each get something you want, and you can always disguise the company/product if there are confidentiality concerns. Not ideal, but it will accomplish the objective and get the ball rolling.

    We served as the middle-man in a similar situation. Worked out (and negotiated) the details.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Can you monitor social media for mentions of your installations?
    Can you gather the VR usage statistics: number of people, amount of time, ability to achieve goal, etc.?
    When customers hire your services, what are their goals? Why choose you? What do they like about your offerings? Can you build case studies around your customers' successes rather than yours'?
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