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Target audience is active moms with problems with the pelvic floor. 95% of our patients are incontinent but we are capable of treating other conditions such as bowel incontinence and pelvic pain. Rarely do we get phone calls for bowel incontinence as they are usually referred. Pelvic pain accounts for 5% of calls.

In terms of SEO, we rank in the top 3 for nearly every keyword locally and usually 1&2 for the majority.

We have 3 offices in the county and so we usually have all 3 spaces in the Google Pack.

But traffic to the site is low as is appointments.

Our goal is to have patients find us and click for an appointment. Once we have an appointment we usually close 99% of customers.


Just went live a week ago and working out a few technical glitches.
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    SEO and getting people to the site is just one (often small) part of the marketing and sales funnel process.

    To get more people to your site, you may want to consider using pay per click advertisements, like Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. This is a quick and easy way to get more clicks.

    Less quick, but good over the long term is to have experts from your company write byline articles, speak at events, etc. Things that get you back links from quality locations. This will help both feed people to you, and improve your SEO.

    To ensure that once they get to your site they have the highest chance of becoming an appointment, you need to make sure the page has the best wording which answers any questions and reduces any objections that the prospect may have, so they have the greatest chance of making the appointment.

    Money is a common objection - the word free in the menu with the phone conversation helps, but it is less clear on the other options at what point one needs to pa for services versus get a free consultation. You don't talk about insurance - if insurance could pay, that should be listed clearly and often.

    That you guys are effective would be another common objection - might be good to not hide the testimonials you have as a menu item, but put a Slider in on your home page to flash through summaries of testimonials.
  • Posted by c_gabriel99 on Author
    The word Free n medicine is dangerous because the government can look at it is a payment for referral (Stark Law violation).

    We offer a free a Free phone answer and question in the phone (not allowed to call it free consult).

    Insurance is good point. I tried addressing it with an element below the fold but that might be too low. Maybe I'll bring it up.

    Google and Facebook ads tried in the past with no effect. So switched to organic SEO. That resulted in positive ranking. Have tried creating a unique snippet per page, will await the outcome of that.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    If traffic is low and SEO position is good, then perhaps the target audience isn't using online search (what is the keyword search volume for your audience?) for their needs. Can you offer community workshops to build trust/awareness? Can you identify better referral sources?
  • Posted by c_gabriel99 on Author
    Keywords: (near me, Winter Haven,fl Lakeland FL)
    Urinary incontinence
    Stress incontinence
    Female incontinence
    Urge incontinence
    Overactive bladder
    Light bladder leakage
    Incontinence after childbirth
    Incontinence surgery
    Bladder control
    Bladder control cure/treatment/doctor
    Pelvic floor therapy
    Pelvic pain
    Pelvic pain treatment/Therapy/ cure
    Levator spasm
    Orgasm treatment

    My other question is the website doing a decent job in presenting what I do? Or should it be made better?

  • Posted by c_gabriel99 on Author
    I guess I misread the question! The volume is decent. About 400,000/month incontinent treatment. But I'll only get 15 hits per day.

    I have been doing monthly seminars and referrals from physician. I just want the website to generate more leads as once it is done right, it can keep generating referrals

    Social media is very difficult with incontinence s no one wants to share that they had it even if they are now cured.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Posted by c_gabriel99 on Author
    I just did a search with local word added in ubbersuggest and realized that the numbers don't even come up. I was looking at the count that google showed and I just realized the numbers don't even come up.

    Taking the above advice our plan is to:
    1. add "effective" and address cost concerns higher up near the fold
    2. do a search for words that are not as specific but have higher search volume and hope that they patients looking for bladder care find us. We aren't urologists but that is the highest search volume term. So we will use that word a little more in the copy.
    3. Hit the google adwords and facebook ads one more time.
    4. Consider more seminars.
    5. Consider penetrating orlando and tampa but we are rural and there are 8-12 visits.

    Thank you for all the help.
    Will focus on the above and then return to address the website once the volume goes up.

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