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Average Social Cpl For K - 12 School Enrollments

Posted by cwarner on 250 Points
Hi, all! I'm currently managing an awareness and enrollment campaign for the K - 12 Catholic schools in Southern California. We're planning phase two of our social media launch across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I've done extensive research, but have not been able to find a reliable reference for the average CPL for elementary or high school enrollments (most sources offer higher ed marketing benchmarks.) In phase one of our campaign, we focused on Facebook ads and our CPL ā€” defined as a parent submitted contact information to contact a school ā€” ranged from $25 - $45. I would love to get any insights from marketers who have managed enrollment campaigns in the past on a reasonable benchmark to help us optimize and set realistic benchmarks. Thank you!
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  • Posted by cwarner on Author
    Hi, again! Any advice here?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    CPL statistics alone aren't useful. It depends on how qualified the lead is and your specific offer.

    An example:
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    Hi Everyone,

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