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Microbes: The New Fertilizer

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Plant-Grow provides advanced microbial technology for soil rejuvenation that addresses the root of agriculture’s greatest challenges to secure food for a growing world population. I would like to write a press release about my company that deals with microbes and helping farmers achieve better and higher yields. How do I go about this?
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    I would suggest you begin by developing a simple creative brief. It would include a clear and complete definition of your target audience, the core message you want to deliver, the unique benefit they can expect, and the specific action you want them to take.

    Then either find an experienced copywriter (and/or compose a draft yourself) and evaluate the draft against the creative brief. Adjust and revise as necessary.

    Creative Brief ==>
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    Your press release should focus on a big problem that is important to many readers. Your product deals with securing food for a growing world population. That's your base to work from.
    What do your technical people say your product—advanced microbial technology—does that is NEW or otherwise takes a DIFFERENT approach to solve the problem? That is the core of your press release.
    It's a lot like news, you're telling people what's happening... what's new. Try to give them useful information.
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