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Posted by knd.arellano on 25 Points
I would like to learn e-commerce analytics. What are the best resources (apart from google analytics academy itself) - perhaps an online course ? Are there any specific online groups or associations where I can find my way to hang out and learn from the professionals somewhere?
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  • Posted on Accepted
    Could I suggest that you look at, which is a specific training website offering a very broad range of training courses at reasonable cost. You may find the type of training you are seeking there.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    I don't think there is an overall encompassing course on e-comerce analytics. The different apps/programs/companies all do their own training, or perhaps there are outside firms that do training for the apps.

    Google analytics is mostly looking at getting to a web site. Well worth learning about, but generally not good for tracking beyond impressions and clicks. Can sometimes be fudged to give you conversions, but most that I have seen do not have enough info to be able to do this.

    Usually you need to use some sort of customer relationship software (like and marketing automation software (like Marketo or Pardot) to get more information. Each has its own analytics, so needs to be learned separately.

    Then the actual e-commerce end, the program where someone actually buys the stuff. This will have its own analytics.

    Added to the challenge (probably part of the reason why there aren't classes in all of this) is that each of these programs has a habit of just up "improving" their systems at any time and you have to then learn a new way of doing things.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" (by Perry Marshall and others), 4th Edition, is a basic book about using Google Adwords. It starts with basic lessons about things you may already know, but it also includes some sophisticated ways to use Google Analytics that you may not know.

    For an investment of less than $20 (USD), that's where I would start, based on what I understand from your request. After that, I agree with Peter: I doubt "there is an overall encompassing course on e-commerce analytics." Too many ever-evolving variables and way too many self-styled "subject-matter experts."

    Experience in the trenches is perhaps the best way to become a master of e-commerce analytics.

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