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Tag Line/slogan For An All Purpose Spice Blend

Posted by asit on 250 Points
My company is a gourmet spice manufacturing FMCG company in India. My product is aimed for Indian market as well as Export. I want a tagline/slogan for my Spice blend which can be used in all veg, non-veg Indian dishes. It saves the money to buy various spices as well as it is very convinient to use. It saves time. It is all-purpose spice blend.
It is an exclusive product. The product is upscale, luxury, used in gourmet dishes
Main benefit is convinience, all-purpose, saves money and time.
Target Customer - High net worth women, Higher Middle class working women
Brand name projects - luxury
Demography - Urban women
I need a 5 to 6 word slogan/tagline which involves luxury, convinience, showing off.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Will your target customer cook often with your spice blend? Would your target customer care about saving money for spice shopping?
    Based on your customer testing, what have people said about the taste of the blend?
    How does the blend connote luxury or showing off?
  • Posted by asit on Author
    Thank you for response. My target customer is Indian affluent urban women, Indian women have a knack of bargaining and saving household money how much ever rich they are and they generally like cooking for their families and in family gatherings and shopping for cooking ingredients regardless of wether they are working women or house wives. Based on our testing, our product has recieved excellent results with our target customers. As you may be aware, Indian cooking is very elaborate, our lunch and dinner requires atleast 5-6 different veg/non-veg dishes like 2 vegetable dishes, 1 curry ( veg/Non-veg), rice, roti ( bread) and 1 sweet dish along with pickles
    Our single blend can be used in all types of Veg, non-veg dishes and curries as well as to marinate and fry. Our blend is made from highly expensive spices like Green cardamom, safron, black pepper, mace etc which are considered in luxury spices hence the pricing will be on higher side as compared to other spice blends like Garam Masala, Mutton Masala, Chicken masala etc. The target customer can flaunt her affluence and cooking skills by making various dishes in less less time and using single spice blend which will be expensive.
  • Posted by asit on Author
    Hello Jay

    I din't get what i was looking for.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What is the name of your spice blend?
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    At the request of Asit, I am closing this question.

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