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Identifying Co-op Dollars

Posted by dee.messenger on 50 Points
I am new to all this co-op marketing, but can anyone give me an idea of how to find out if we have co-op money? Maybe a template that I can customize and send out to our vendors?

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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    I am a little confused. When you say "your vendors", does that mean you are the manufacturer who has set up the co-op system?

    Co-op marketing usually involves a manufacturer (or other seller) providing some or all of the money to a local distributor or partner for that distributor or partner too use for marketing of the manufacturer's products. The manufacturer sets the specifics of the plan and usually is the one to track the money available.

    The distributor can also read and understand the plan and track on their own how much they think they have, but this is just an estimate as the manufacturer's numbers are probably the official ones. For example, if they allow 1% of sales as co-op dollars, you can look at home much of their product you sold and multiple by 0.01 and that should be about how much you have available.

    Or the distributor could just contact their contact at the manufacturer and ask how much co-op money is available.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The people in your company who are responsible for working with your vendors should ask their contact(s) at the vendors whether there are any unused co-op funds. If so, how much and what are the requirements for earning/using those funds. If not, would they consider a co-op plan that could improve your sales of their products?
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