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Advice On My Revised Elearning Website Page?

Posted by Colette on 250 Points
I run an eLearning company and many times our clients are overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating an eLearning course.
I created "My Lesson in the Box" service to provide an inexpensive, quick and effortless way to build mini-courses in just a few weeks.
Please click all buttons so you can understand what we are offering.
I am currently having my editor check for grammar and spelling errors.
Here is the website.

The client fills out a simple form and we do the rest, including the content.
I hope to launch this service soon and need feedback on these concerns.
1. Is the website easy to understand and easy to navigate?
2. Do you think the call to action is obvious, to pick a package?
3. Is there anything I'm missing or should change?
4. Does this concept encourage you to consider being an Instructor?
5. Do you have any marketing tips you could suggest to help me gain clients or subscribers?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all!
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    I'm still unclear. If I already have course material developed, what's the benefit of what you're offering? And if I don't, I probably shouldn't offer an e-learning package.

    It's unclear how many iterations I get of the work you create. Do I approve the outline of the material? If there are things I don't like in your deliverable, what options do I have?

    For the various plans, it looks like you're minimally missing the word "word" (4000 Curriculum Content, etc). However, our feedback of words from your previous version still remain: what does the # of words have do with the result and/or perceived length of the course? More words doesn't always mean a better class. Better editing takes time and reduces word count.

    Since you're launching the course, who's monitoring these social accounts? Will you help drive people to my new modules?
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    1. Is the website easy to understand and easy to navigate?

    No. I click on the COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE option and I see the following error code: [gravityform id="1"]

    Under the Price option I see the following:

    4000 Curriculum Content
    One Module Course
    Learning Objective

    4,000 what? A 4,000 word course?

    Voiceover? If this is a narration, of the course, it will help to clarify.

    The Facebook link on your page leads me to an agency page. If I'm an educator, why am I seeing an your agency's Facebook page? Likewise for the LinkedIn tab.

    Overall it seems like a great idea. I simply think it needs more fine tuning ...
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Who is your primary target audience? What would they have been searching for in order to get to your website? Why might they want to engage with you? What unique and compelling benefit do you offer them? You need to clearly address these questions right at the top of the homepage.

    Call-to-action is buried at the bottom of the page. Not clear that this is the desired next step.

    Why is the deliverable with the most words more expensive than the one with the fewest words? Isn't fewer words better? Why would someone pay more than the minimum? (Don't focus on word-count as the main price differentiator. You should always deliver your best work, using however many words it requires.)
  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Urgh. Back to the drawing board.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas. <3

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