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What Am I Doing Wrong With My Affiliate Marketing?

Posted by Ibrahim on 250 Points
I made an affiliate, marketing website to advertise and promote deals that I get from affiliate marketing programs. I also have a blog on my website that teaches people on how to start affiliate, marketing. I tried so many different tools or websites to grow my website but it seems that I am doing something wrong. Please help me get back on track with my website. I want to be able to have constant traffic and most people that visit my website they go to the first or second page and then stop. I don't really know what to fix or do in order to have a successful website.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What's the conversion rate of your website (how many people contact/buy from you divided by the number of people who visit your website)? If your conversion rate is poor, focus on the content/value of your offer. If your traffic is poor, work to improve your SEO.

    Also, since you're an affiliate website, what's the #1 value/benefit of the visitor to buy from YOU (instead one of the many other affiliate websites)?

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