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Where To Companies Look To Find Vendors?

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In B2B world, what are the top sources people go to in order to identify a vendor -- the web, the yellow pages a source guide, etc. I was looking for survey-based valid statistic (with a source) that support idea that most people looking for vendors do a search on an internet search engine.
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  • Posted by Billd724 on Accepted

    Praf is correct and I would add that a trade association is also a good source of possible vendors. Why? Two reasons. First, they naturally attract vendors seeking to do business with their members. Second, the trade association often acts as an 'evaluator' of the vendors for its members. Thus, it makes the vendor selection process somewhat 'safer' for the member companies who seek out the association's endorsement of or experience with a given vendor.

    And here's another thought.

    When the item being considered isn't a tangible commodity like a computer or copier or . . . but rather an intangible service -- like a marketing consultant (heh, heh) -- then another powerful source of information is one's peers and colleagues. Why? Because the ability to evaluate an outside professional service is not easy and carries the 'risk' of adverse consequences if not done correctly.

    As a result, companies tend to rely on good old 'word-of-mouth' or 'personal credentialing' from others to help them both identify the possible and select the probable vendor / providers of something a business needs -- especially in the 'intangible' services arena.

    Hope this helps. Have a great day!

  • Posted by Billd724 on Member

    With all due respect, you have received some very good, insightful and 'street smart' insights to your question so far.

    You seem to dismiss what are pretty common means of sourcing vendors by companies in the 'real world'.

    A suggestion . . . instead of seeking some 'survey' that you may or may not find, why not do one yourself?

    A few calls to people you know in various companies should reveal, in short order, their preferred means of identifying vendors for their business.

    With that information in hand, you should be able to write a superb article!
  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    Hi Jim,

    According the US Department of Commerce, an estimated 40% of Internet users are using the web to make product or service purchases.

    Shardman's suggestion to go to is a good one, they are known for being an excellent resource for information of this type. You might have to pay, but it will be attributable and you can cut to the chase.

    I hope that helps

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