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Best Way Of Contacting Decorators Designers?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I have posted much about my efforts to market my artwork. I have received great insightful responses. Now I need more information. Rather specialized. I want to promote my portfolio to decorators/ interior designers. Whats a good way to do this since like other businesses, they make profit from their service to clients and their markup of the price of the product, in this case my artwork? Jamie R Morhaim
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  • Posted by Markitek on Member
    Contact each one individually--go and visit if you can, call by phone, then email, then send a letter in that order . . . start in your neck of the woods and then expand out when you've tuned the approach. Establish a discount structure or a commission structure (discount focuses on getting them to buy before they sell, commission focused on rewarding them after the sale).

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