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Need Detail About Award Winning Ad Campaign

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi al

Can anyone give me some information about an ad campaign by an Austrailan alcohol company that included a (funny) phone in advice line?

Don't know much more about it sorry.

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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    No response yet, Michelle?

    I'm alerting our KHE Insiders. Let's see who remembers the ad.

    Was the advice any good? ;]

    - Shelley
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    Sorry Michelle with two "L"'s, I missed this question but received Shelley's timely alert.

    It was Jim Beam's Summer 2002(?) campaign.

    Here's a link to an article about the subsequent "dreams stay true" campaign, with a reference to the earlier campaign which pokes fun at self-help services:

    Sorry I can't come up with more detail than that, hope this helps to get you searching in the right areas.

    What did you need it for? Trivial Pursuit?



  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Hi again, Michelle!

    Using clues from Chris and Marcus, here's what I googled:

    Jim Beam... receives top honors... at ad festival -- June 2003. An excerpt says "The award-winning Australian direct marketing campaign humorously provides men with help reclaiming their masculinity. A parody on "self help" lines, the 1-900-9-Jim-Beam campaign urges men of legal drinking age to call the Jim Beam help line when they’re participating in an activity that questions their manhood. One execution features an ad in New Woman magazine that reads, 'If you’re a man reading this magazine you should call 1-900-9-Jim-Beam.'

    "To date, more than 40,000 calls have been placed to the 1-900-9-Jim-Beam line. The direct marketing campaign has raised market share by 4.3 percent in Australia."

    This AdForum page has a link on it to view the campaign. It opens a page that lets you order any of nine recordings or videos and put them in a shopping cart. Looks like they have a "pay per view" option for $5.99. (Interesting business model!)

    You might run a search on 1-900-jim-beam to see what else comes up. Apparently that was the title of the campaign.

    Now, to track down Chris... I hear he's been under the affluence of incohol. Think I'll join him!
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    Dear Obi-wan-knobe

    Sorry if my answer seemed to come from the dark side.

    Here is more light to cast on your quest:

    One of these articles mentions that Tony Lambaart of BPLB (Melbourne) was one of the judges that selected the campaign as a winner... You could call him to discuss the Jim Beam campaign, I'm sure he would be very amenable. His number is 03 9686 3755.

    Good luck - and may the farce be with you.


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