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How Do I Start A Personal Real Estate Website?

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
What and where should I go first? How much should it cost? Just thinking... would it be free with my ISP(I signed up 5 years ago..Sorry maybe I should ask.
So. where should I start?
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  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    Depends, If you want a good one, you will probably have to pay some one or read a lot of books.

    The best bet if you are on a tight budget, would be to download a wysiwyg editor ( What you see is what you get) like the Open source Nuv, it is like dreamwever but without the cost.

    And you will need photo editing software like photoshop, but you can down load "the Gimp" which is free and open source. (more info)

    Download here:

    Here is a tutorial on how to write html, i found it useful when starting out.

    But if you can afford it, pay a designer to do it. You might try posting in the project section.

    You will also need a domain name, which depending on the name can be very expensive or very cheap. Also once you have a name it is $16.95 to keep it registered. is supposed to be a very good web host and domain name buying site.

    Or you could pay a university student a $100 ( like me) to make one for you. :P

    My email is in my profile if you want any more help, and i promise this is the last time i will mention i am for hire (CHEAP BUT GOOD quality), also i have all the professional software. Including Photoshop CS2 which is not going to be released until May 1st.

    Have a nice day

    Carl Crawford

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