HOW MANAGEMENT Fits Into Our Campaign Framework

Running effective, well-planned and well-executed marketing campaigns isn't a set-it-and-forget it proposition.

To perform well, your marketing campaigns need constant tending. They may demand quick changes or on-the-fly course corrections.

Good management practices make it possible to do that without unnecessary stress on you or your team.

From budgeting to marketing automation to project management to resource allocation... it's all here. Learn to manage your team, processes, and technology well to keep your campaigns humming smoothly along.


Ready to transform your campaigns? These courses will walk you through how to implement key processes for this element.
  • Know Your Customer (and Reap the Rewards)

    The modern buyer's journey is more complex than ever, with countless routes to reach the holy grail: the purchase. So, how can you best collect the data you need and gain the insights you want from your customers and prospects? We'll show you everything you need to win at analyzing customer behavior—and unearth a goldmine.

  • Marketing Automation Made Easy

    Marketing automation: You can't just set it and forget it, and there's no Easy Button to press that'll get you instant results. But you can make it easier for everyone on your team with some understanding, forethought, and planning. Because here's the truth: You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work up front. Then optimize, optimize, optimize. We said that three times for emphasis, because refining your marketing automation is a process. But once you do? Totally worth it. Let's get to it.

  • Attracting, Compensating, and Retaining Top Marketing Talent

    Successful marketing teams don't appear magically or spontaneously. And sometimes a team that looks fabulous on paper just can't perform to the potential you know is there. This course will help you optimize your team through assessment, customized compensation, and strategic hiring. Get ready to activate your marketing department Dream Team!

  • A Scientific Approach to Metrics, Measurement, and Marketing ROI

    It's easier than ever to quantify the impact of your marketing and to recreate success. Where do you start? By learning to structure your marketing analysis, test conclusions, and present results.


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