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Connecting the Dots: How LinkedIn Can Enhance Your Marketing (and Your Marketing Career)

Jason Alba
Thu., May 29, 2008, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

LinkedIn is said to be the leading online professional network. You'll see LinkedIn used in a number of different ways as it is a tool that can enhance personal brands, help you with research, give you access to new networks, and portray you as the marketing professional you are.

Many of the 16+ million people who have signed up on LinkedIn are probably asking "now what???" This 90-minute seminar cuts to the chase and gives you a hands-on view so you can understand what your LinkedIn strategy should be.

Editor's note: This is not, I repeat, NOT an infomercial for LinkedIn. We wouldn't dare.


Jason Alba is the career management evangelist. He got laid off in January 2006 (and still hasn't quite gotten over it). Even though he had great credentials and it was a job-seeker's market, Jason could hardly get a job interview. Finally he decided to step back and figure out the job search process and try to understand all of the available resources.

Within a few months he had designed a personal job search tool,, which helps professionals manage career and job search activities the same way a salesman manages prospects and customer data. JibberJobber has been recognized as the gold standard in career technology, and has had numerous media mentions.

Jason blogs at, authored I'm on LinkedIn—Now What??? and is the co-author of I’m on Facebook—Now What???

Who Should Attend?

If you deal with people, look for customers and work with partners, and want to ensure you have a strong professional brand, this seminar is for you. Whether you are entry-level, a seasoned marketing professional or you own the business, this session will help you enhance your online reach and brand using LinkedIn.

What Will You Learn?

  • Easy must-do's to help you be found and leave a positive first impression
  • Important things you can do to not get inundated by less-than-important communication from your network
  • How to interact with others, in your network or not, to do research, enhance you brand, etc.
  • What the important aspects of LinkedIn are, and what you can disregard
  • How to find people that you should find to grow, enhance and nurture your network relationships
  • What makes a good profile, and what you should do to yours to improve it
  • About recommendations (how to get and give), groups, and more

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