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A Killer Facebook Fan Page: Building It, Keeping It Fresh, and Integrating It into Your Marketing

Jeff Widman
Thu., Dec. 17, 2009, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

You've decided that a Facebook Fan Page is the right social networking channel for your business. Maybe you've already created a Fan Page and you're posting content once a day (good for you!). But you're probably thinking "There's GOT to be more possibilities than just posting status updates—what am I overlooking?"

A fancy page does NOT equal a successful page. This seminar will help you get started—and show you iteractive Fan Page tactics that can improve your Facebook marketing using input from existing fans.


Jeff Widman is a marketing wunderkind who helps companies use Facebook to build brands and sell products, primarily through Fan pages. He initially started marketing through Facebook as a sophomore in college—back when only college students could use Facebook.

Jeff believes Facebook is a tool that effectively complements common online channels like SEO, SEM and e-mail marketing. He emphasizes blending story-driven branding with metrics-driven analysis to effectively convert exposure on Facebook into real revenue opportunities.

Jeff's recent efforts quadrupled traffic from Facebook to Other clients include Seth Godin, Microsoft,, SlideShare, and David Allen (author of Getting Things Done). He's been quoted as a Facebook expert by InsideFacebook, AOL Small Business, and, and he's written for TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Techmeme.

Who Should Attend?

Marketers and business owners who want to know how to embrace Facebook to engage with current and future customers. Ideally, you will have already attended the preceding seminar, Choosing Your Facebook Marketing Tactics.

We'll cover both B2B and B2C examples in this session.

What Will You Learn?

  • Important tips on naming, ownership, vanity URL, and optimizing the default settings
  • How to successfully launch a Fan Page and spike your initial Fan growth
  • Specific tricks to break through the five chokepoints along the path for converting fan page visitors into customer evangelists
  • Ways to "slurp" your Facebook page into your product and promotions
  • Four ideas for optimizing your Fan Page content, especially for the new newsfeed algorithm
  • Six different viral mechanisms—both active and passive—for increasing your page growth
  • The basics of Facebook's analytics package, especially the "unsubscribe" versus "remove" feature

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