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Is Your Company Ready to Respond to a Social Media Crisis?

Jeremiah Owyang
Matthew Grant
Thu., Sep. 29, 2011, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 3.5 star(s)

Is the possibility of a social media crisis keeping you up at night? Do you question how your company would respond and if you would be able to act fast and effectively enough to prevent damage to your brand and company reputation?

The fact is, corporate social media crises are on the rise. Organized attacks on brands are increasing, crashing branded social media accounts and spreading negative comments to a wider audience more quickly than ever before. But, nearly 75% of companies can lessen potential damage or even prevent these attacks by being ready for anything. It's time for even the most well-respected businesses to be ready to manage any situation around the clock.

Join us as analyst and thought leader Jeremiah Owyang presents his latest research with MarketingProfs detailing how companies organize, develop processes and policies, and are investing in social business. You'll learn best practices you should implement right now to ready your organization for a social media crisis wherever or whenever it arisesóincluding establishing governance, setting-up a triage process, rehearsing actions and responses, and more. Though real-world examples, you'll uncover how leading corporations have implemented these best practices and what they did to handle a social media crises before it caused irreparable damage.


Jeremiah Owyang is an influential thought leader on Web strategy, interactive marketing, and social technologies, with experience in disruptive technologies stemming from brand, agency, and analyst perspectives. He currently serves as partner of customer strategy at Altimeter Group, a research based advisory firm. Previously, Jeremiah was a senior analyst at Forrester Research, focused on social computing for the interactive marketer.

Who Should Attend?

If you're a marketer, corporate communicator, PR strategist, social media specialist, customer service manager, or agency professional devoted to advising clients on how to navigate social business, this presentation is not to be missed.

What Will You Learn?

  • What to do first to structure your company for today's social business environment
  • Best practices from leading corporationsóbased on real-life research interviews
  • Actionable steps you should take right now to prepare for any crisis

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