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How to Hammer Your Brand Into the Minds of Your Consumers

Laura Ries
Matthew T. Grant
Thu., July 19, 2012 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

When you think of today's top brands, what do you see? You don't likely see their tagline or their name; you see their brand. Ever wondered how brands do that? Wonder no more! Laura Reis is here to help you out.

A visual representation of your brand communicates the emotional power and presence of your brand and hammers an idea into the minds of your consumers.

B2B brands can benefit greatly from using these "visual hammers." Visuals like these help give breadth to goods and services that are essentially invisible, and give your brand the opportunity to take on a personality of its own.

In this PRO seminar, you'll learn about the ten types of visual hammers, why you need one, and how to find the perfect one for your brand.


Laura Ries is a leading brand strategist, bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and popular television personality. She is president of Ries & Ries based in Atlanta, GA and along with her partner and father Al Ries, she consults with companies around the world on brand strategy. Laura and Al have written five books on marketing including: The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.

Who Should Attend?

Any marketer who wants to learn to better connect with consumers in an authentic, emotional, and memorable way by using visual cues.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why you need a visual hammer
  • The 10 different types of visual hammers
  • How to find a visual hammer for your brand


10 lucky winners will be chosen at random to win a free copy of Laura's new book, Visual Hammer. To qualify, simply complete the short survey at the end of the live Q&A session.

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