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Seven B2B Marketing Confessions That Will Improve Your Marketing Efforts Now

John Wall
Thu., May 23, 2013, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

With over 20 years in business, presenter John Wall has seen many things: successes, failures, tragedies, and flawless execution. The marketing profession changes so rapidly that every day is an adventure. Having learned many lessons from firsthand experiences, he has created a guide that will help those who are putting together their marketing strategy and tactics.

This PRO seminar will provide you with a framework that will help you navigate our ever-changing field, and increase your odds of success.


John Wall is the author of B2B Marketing Confessions and producer of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program that covers both new and classic marketing, with his co-host Christopher S. Penn. Past guests include Seth Godin, David Meerman Scott, Mitch Joel, Simon Sinek, and many others. John specializes in integrating CRM and sales with marketing and is currently the director of marketing at Glance Networks.

Who Should Attend?

Marketing professionals (or those who want to be) looking for tips in product marketing, lead generation, working with sales, and getting the most out of customer relationships.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to learn from failed campaigns
  • How to effectively score your leads
  • How to reach the mass market and get the most out of customer relationships

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