HOW Create Fits Into Our Campaign Framework

It's time to create the assets for your campaign. But more happens in this stage of the Framework than just publishing pixels on a page.

You need to develop assets that make sense for the goals you've set—assets that align with what your audience needs and wants. Your content and copy need to help move your prospect along the buyer's journey, and engage them every step of the way.

Our Create courses guide you in determining what assets you need and help you identify assets that already exist so you can repurpose them to meet new objectives. You'll also learn how to set up tests so you can monitor which assets are performing best. Learn to use available tools to keep your creative efforts on track and to help your team work together smoothly and effectively.

Take the guesswork out of your asset creation and deliver more wins to your organization.


Ready to transform your campaigns? These courses will walk you through how to implement key processes for this element.
  • Marketing Matchmaking: Selecting the Right Influencers for Your Audience

    Matchmaking is alive and well—and not just on reality TV. But finding the right influencers to engage and motivate your audience takes time, effort, and likely a few new steps you've yet to master. The good news is, once you've identified possible connections, you're on your way to fulfilling results. Get ready to swipe right.

  • Creating and Testing Assets for Your Content Marketing Campaign

    There's far more to content marketing than churning out a few whitepapers and emails. You need a consistent flow of top-shelf assets that resonate with your audience and drive a desired action. Learn a purposeful approach to content creation… one that uses what you already have (smart) and identifies exactly what you still need.

  • Creating Personalized Account-Based Marketing Programs

    For your account-based marketing campaigns to succeed, you need to take your content development up a notch. Deeper insights. Greater personalization. More sophistication. It's hard work, but wow does it pay off!

  • Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Learn how subject lines, graphics, writing, calls-to-action (and more!) all work together. Every message you write deserves your care and attention, because that's what will in turn inspire the best results.

  • Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation

    A successful demand generation campaign relies on content that's targeted to the personas who influence the ultimate purchasing decision. Learn how to create campaign content that aligns with the buyer journey in this course from MarketingProfs.


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