HOW COMMUNICATE Fits Into Our Campaign Framework

It's time to send your hard work out the door: You're ready to launch!

But first: Consider that when and where you communicate with your prospects can have a dramatic impact on the results you'll deliver.

Our Communicate courses show you how to uncover the best channels for reaching your target audience, figure out the optimal frequency of communication, and ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time. You'll also discover tools and technology you can use to give your audience the best experience possible... and unexpected and often overlooked resources that will help extend your reach and influence.

These communication insights will ensure your campaigns perform at their peak.


Ready to transform your campaigns? These courses will walk you through how to implement key processes for this element.
  • Kicking Off Your Content Marketing Campaign

    Get all your ducks in a row (and all your assets in place) before you launch your content marketing campaign. The key is to take two steps most marketers completely miss. Take them, and you'll dramatically increase your reach and improve your results.

  • Orchestrating and Communicating Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

    Developing an account-based marketing campaign is different from developing a traditional marketing campaign. With ABM, you are likely to create multiple campaigns for one target account, because clear communication across accounts is crucial to your success.

  • Kicking Off Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Email marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts. Multiple messages. Segmented lists. Automation. It can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Get a firm grip on those moving parts (and understand how they work best together), and take your email campaigns to a new level of success.

  • Communicating Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

    Communication is the heart of marketing. Make sure your hard work you've done is memorable and useful to your audience. See to it that your demand generation programs and campaigns get out the door, successfully. And what's more, that they rally people around your ideas.


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