HOW PLAN Fits Into Our Campaign Framework

Planning. It's when you pivot from "big picture" to tactics, and focus on mapping out the components of campaigns that deliver on those business objectives.

The tools and tactics you choose will vary based on the type of campaign you're developing. But the planning process doesn't change.

Our planning courses show you how to uncover your best and biggest opportunities. How to identify your campaign goals and determine how to measure success. How to select your audience, set your schedule, determine what to test, and figure out what resources you need to bring your campaign to life.

You'll gain a thorough and complete understanding of how to put together a marketing campaign that delivers on your goals. Following this step, you'll be well prepared to begin creating the assets for your campaign.


Ready to transform your campaigns? These courses will walk you through how to implement key processes for this element.
  • The (Non-Techie) Marketer's Guide to SEO

    Do you ever wish you had a better handle on Search Engine Optimization? More familiarity with the concepts that could help you make better SEO plans and better communicate your needs to your technical team members? Let us show you how to speak today’s SEO language and win big at search.

  • The Six Secrets to Successful Influencer Campaigns

    Influencers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Working with respected, trusted influencers in your industry on targeted campaigns can spark awareness, elevate your brand, boost sales, increase loyalty, and build your business. The key is knowing how to do it flawlessly. We can show you why and (more importantly) how to build influencer campaigns that truly work.

  • Planning Your Content Marketing Campaign

    Everyone talks about great content marketing. But very few people can tell you how to do it well. This course is for you if your current content plan is more scattershot than strategic, and if your ROI is measured by the inefficient "seeing what sticks" metric. What you'll learn here will completely change your approach.

  • Planning Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts

    Get ready. Get set. And go start marketing! Wait... not so fast. First you need to connect with sales, gather insights, and start identifying the target accounts you'll be marketing to! Account-based marketing requires up-front planning to pull off the big long-term wins.

  • Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Before you write the first word of your first message, you need to fully plan your email campaign. You'll begin by setting measurable goals, segmenting your list, and selecting your perfect audience. With careful planning, you'll be sure you're sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Planning for Effective Demand Generation

    A successful demand-generation program can directly grow your organization's bottom line. But smart planning is key. Good planning will help you put together a process that Marketing and Sales can follow to bring in more sales opportunities and revenue... and avoid common pitfalls that so many companies encounter.


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