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  • Consumers say consistently good customer service is the top factor that makes them loyal to brands, according to recent research from The Blackhawk Network.

  • As we approach the holiday season and shoppers head into malls and stores, keeping up customer service becomes extra important. Here's how you can make sure your store provides service your customers will come back for.

  • Welcome to the world of Instagram—an immensely creative and engaging platform where you can connect with millions of users and promote your brand effectively. Read on for salient pointers on how you can use Instagram skillfully to promote your products and boost sales.

  • The essence of creating a positive experience is making customers feel that they are heard and important—before, during and after a transaction.

  • Consumers are more loyal to brands that offer personalized experiences, and that loyalty can provide excellent returns for brands. So you'd better know enough about your customers to provide those experiences.

  • Marketing Smarts celebrates a major milestone: the 300th episode of the show! To mark the occasion, we bring back our very first guest, Lou Imbriano—strategist, author, and former vice-president and CMO of the New England Patriots.

  • In marketing, we talk nostalgically about the "corner store" as the epitome of customer relationships. But that Norman Rockwell version of customer loyalty is dead. Which is why we need to get back to fundamentals. Here are three ideas on how.

  • A loyal base of followers is key to your marketing—to bring in steady website traffic and ensure positive word-of-mouth that helps your business gain traction. To avoid ruining your relationship with your social following, use these three strategies.

  • Loyalty rewards programs can give you a great ROI, but first you have to know what your goals are and how to measure them. Check out this infographic for tips on how to make sure your loyalty program succeeds.

  • At the core of every consumer-generated content (CGC) program is the ability to collect and share ratings and reviews. But there is much more marketers can do to increase the effectiveness of their CGC.

  • Brand loyalty has changed over the decades. It's no longer as straightforward as having the best product or a great rewards program—but that's not a bad thing, says today's infographic, which explores the history and future of customer loyalty to brands.

  • A review of award-winning actor and best-selling author Alan Alda's new book 'If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on my Face? My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating.'

  • User-generated content is here to stay. And as the marketing landscape begins to shift to a more user- and UGC-centric direction, what steps can you take to capitalize on this authentic marketing tactic?

  • Barry Kirk, vice-president of marketing for Maritz Motivation Solutions, shares tips on developing effective loyalty programs and discusses strategies for building "cult loyalty" for your brand.

  • A good loyalty rewards program increases not only the number of repeat customers but also average order value—which can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Check out the infographic for more on how a loyalty program can help you.

  • The point of sale (POS) has evolved from the cash register to the online cart and now to voice-activated devices—and soon to virtually anywhere, anytime, in myriad automated ways. The one constant for marketers: user experience.

  • B2B mobile usage is intensifying throughout the entire buying cycle. Here are four ways B2B companies can use mobile marketing to keep pace with the customer journey.

  • The most effective method for a current customer to refer a potential customer to a business is a verbal recommendation, according to recent research from Amplifinity.

  • When a brand story is crafted correctly, consumers will be proud to associate with and represent your brand, and they will market it of their own volition via word-of-mouth.

  • Today's survey tools allow marketers to add more flourishes than ever to customer feedback surveys. But, it turns out, less is more when asking customers for input. See which top 3 feedback misconceptions most need busting.