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  • When a brand story is crafted correctly, consumers will be proud to associate with and represent your brand, and they will market it of their own volition via word-of-mouth.

  • Today's survey tools allow marketers to add more flourishes than ever to customer feedback surveys. But, it turns out, less is more when asking customers for input. See which top 3 feedback misconceptions most need busting.

  • Email is a highly effective channel for delivering loyalty program content and experiences that get your first-time shoppers to stick around—and drive up your customer lifetime value.

  • Combining creativity with B2B marketing is an ongoing challenge. How do you build an emotional connection with your customers and inspire deep-seated brand loyalty when you lack the direct tactics of B2C campaigns?

  • It's jarring to realize you've been designing customer experience all wrong because you've prioritized scale over end-user satisfaction... But how do you set things straight? Change is notoriously difficult, but it is possible; these three steps will set you well on your way.

  • People's product preferences are undoubtedly influenced by media, and your audiences have no qualms about using media to share stories about their brand experiences. So here's how you can harness UGC to influence your target audience.

  • What's so hard about engaging people who were already convinced enough about you to have made an initial purchase? These are five big mistakes companies make in their relationships with customers.

  • Communities offer you an opportunity to better understand your customers by capitalizing on the data they provide online. You can then use that data to offer personalized content at various points in the customer journey.

  • We've become used to hearing about Millennials as "the next generation of consumers." That's no longer the case. Millennials are adults now. They're the current generation. And they're your customers. Here's how to reach them.

  • Consumers say they feel most emotionally connected with a brand that come across as caring about people like themselves, according to recent research from CustomerThermometer.

  • Moments that lead to a mobile or digital action in a consumer's daily life may seem trivial, but they can hold large opportunities for brands. Those "micro-moments," as Google has termed them, occur when consumers turn to a device for a specific need, anytime and anywhere.

  • The proliferation of digital devices, coupled with a deluge of short, "snackable" content, has given consumers greater choice than ever in how and where they consume media. How can you get them to notice your ads?

  • It seems so obvious: Businesses that take a proactive approach to customer success, going out of their way to anticipate customers' needs and offer help rather than waiting to be asked, are more likely to have loyal and repeat customers.

  • Consumers are most likely to complain about a brand when they encounter poor service, according to recent research from Corra.

  • Star ratings are simple, but they have an immense effect. They increase social proof, boost word-of-mouth marketing, and improve the results of paid ads. And, most important, they influence purchases.

  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers say they are willing to spend more if they love a brand, according to recent research from Lithium and The Harris Poll.

  • Donor retention is top of mind for nonprofits. And rightly so. But less than 1 in 10 take the most efficient and affordable action for combating decreasing donor retention: executing a welcome series.

  • In this PRO seminar, you'll learn the essential elements for creating and managing a world-class CAB program. You'll learn how to set up a customer advisory board, how to run effective in-person and remote meetings, and how to turn those meeting insights into actions that will help you retain customers and positively impact your bottom line.

  • Content marketers strive to create content that not only speaks directly to their target audiences but also compels those audiences to take action. Easier said then done, of course. But these three steps can help.

  • The highly coveted Millennial consumer demographic's media habits differ from other generations'. Here's a look at Millennials' TV-watching, music-listening, subscription-buying, and other media habits.