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  • B2B sales often involve multiple marketing and sales people on your end, and an array of decision makers on the customers' end. The complexity of any deal can make your head spin. Wouldn't it be nice if you could measure and improve your efficiency, and plug revenue leaks? Sponsored by LeadCrunch.

  • Building your global Web presence isn't as easy as compiling a list of keywords in your source language and translating them for customers in other parts of the world. In order to gain real traction and see business results, you need a robust strategy for Multilingual Search Engine Optimization.

  • Managing large volumes of content in multiple languages can be challenging in this global economy. And the challenge doesn't stop there—in order to be truly relevant, your business must have a multicultural approach as well. Learn how to streamline that process with this free guide from AMPLEXOR.

  • Marketer happiness and fulfillment aren't often the topics of research, but we're breaking from the norm. This one-of-a-kind study looks into what makes today's marketers tick and what some of the happiest and most successful marketers are doing to stay at the top of their game.

  • MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute surveyed content marketers worldwide about a range of topics including strategy, audience development, technology proficiency, and content types. This report presents the data from the B2B content marketers in North America. Sponsored by Conductor.

  • It may sound obvious to say that combining good content with a remarkable experience allows marketers to reap maximum results. But what does a remarkable experience look like, and how exactly do you create one? This report will show you what works, and what doesn't. Sponsored by Uberflip.

  • If you're tired of low response rates on social media, it could be that you're taking the wrong approach to creating and sharing relevant content that captures and engages the attention of your audience. Settle in and start reading—we're going to show you how to do it right.

  • Inbound marketing isn’t a tactic, but a process. It’s how you approach customer relationships. It requires an understanding of your company’s buying cycle, ideal customers, and the power of quality content, plus an acknowledgement that, as a marketer, you’re not in control—the customer is.

  • Making a case for adding video to your content mix is easy. Research reveals that marketers who use video see faster revenue growth. Online retailers see higher conversion rates. And when offered as a content choice, video is preferred over whitepapers, case studies, demos, webinars, and e-books.

  • The power of marketing automation is very real, and very real companies are using automation to grow and thrive. And while the process of selecting a vendor, implementing the technology, and training your team to use it can be daunting, the potential benefits make it a worthy investment.