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The Modern Market for Market Research

The concept of market research is nothing new. By some accounts, it dates back to the 9th and 10th centuries B.C. when, according to an account by Lawrence C. Lockley in the Journal of Marketing, the Israelites would send out interviewers to survey the quality of produce at local markets and collect feedback from customers buying their wares.

Not much has changed in 3,000 years, except, of course, for minor improvements to technology, data collection, and customer access.

Today, market research is as relevant and powerful as it's ever been, largely because modern technology has made it a far more accessible and cost effective practice.

The data in this 9-page research report will teach you more about:

  • Key business issues for 2012 and common decision drivers
  • Common Market Research behaviors and attitudes
  • How and why businesses use Market Research
  • Market Research budget allocation
  • The role of intelligence data and CRMs in Market Research

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