Successful Customer Retention Marketing

Customer retention and customer retention marketing are key components in maintaining a profitable business. The goal of customer retention marketing is to convert first-time or occasional buyers into loyal, long term customers. And to accomplish this, a business needs to understand what it is that converts the occasional or first-time buyer into a loyal customer. Through customer retention marketing, businesses are able to uncover what it is that makes this conversion happen.

Customer Retention Marketing: Making the Difference

For industries where little or no perceived competitive difference exists, customer retention marketing is more than just an important consideration, it is often the difference between loyalty and defection. For businesses in these industries, having the most up-to-date and useful information on customer retention marketing is a necessity. At, we understand how important customer retention marketing is, and provide the tools to help companies create successful customer retention marketing plans.

To learn more about our customer retention marketing resources, please follow this link: MarketingProfs Resources.

Customer Retention Marketing: More than You Would Expect

At, we specialize in providing both strategic and tactical marketing know-how to Internet and offline marketing professionals alike through a combination of articles and commentary. Utilizing our expansive resources, we are able to provide cutting-edge theory as well as information on how to apply theory in the real world. To learn more about customer retention, how to increase online customer retention, and much more, click here: MarketingProfs Home.

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