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Personalize Your Marketing Communications in 2018

by John Collins  |  
February 6, 2018

The power of personalization is no secret to marketers today. Today's consumers have come to expect—if not demand—laser-like precision in the messages that brands are delivering to them.

Unfortunately, message personalization is often used to refer to tactics such as putting a customer's name in the subject line of an email or adjusting the send time to the user's location.

Personalization has become a buzzword in marketing, but in most cases what's being used is easily captured demographic and geographic data:

True personalization is about so much more. It's about understanding the behavior of your customers, then tailoring your messaging around that behavior.

Let's take an example. Say your product is a dating website. You know that if someone doesn't upload his photo, he stands a very poor chance of generating romantic inquiries. Crafting an email around getting people to take that one particular step of uploading a photo is a very good idea. Messaging personalization really comes to life when you use such real-time behavioral data.

Targeting your messages to your customer's behavior might be harder than slapping a "Hey $FNAME" to an email before it heads out the door, but get it right... and you'll be well on your way to a one-on-one relationship with each consumer that leads to long-term loyalty.

Here's my best-practice advice to getting behavior-based messaging right.

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John Collins is director of content at customer messaging platform Intercom, where he oversees all of Intercom’s content, including its blog, newsletter, podcast, and books. John is a former business and technology journalist.

LinkedIn: John Collins

Twitter: @jaycee001

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  • by ColinN Mon Feb 12, 2018 via web

    Hi! What are your thoughts on allowing customers to select from a set of options that are essentially behavior based messages/reminders? Would this be going too far in terms of personalized communications options available for the customer to determine? Thanks!

  • by Nettie Feldman Tue Feb 13, 2018 via mobile

    Why is sending emails every other day effective? When a company does that, I unsubscribe.

  • by ColinN Wed Feb 14, 2018 via mobile

    I agree. Every other day seems excessive. I often receive emails from big retailers that frequently; sometimes daily. I don't unsubscribe but I don't usually read them either! I'd be interested to get the authors take on all of this.

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