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Despite the growth of digital tactics, such as social media and blogging, email marketing continues to rank as an indispensable channel for any successful content strategy.

In fact, studies show that 72% of consumers prefer email as the primary way to communicate with brands, and marketers report email delivers the highest ROI among marketing tactics.

But how can you make sure you're running an email marketing campaign effectively?

Unfortunately, many brands—even those managed by experienced marketers—are guilty of making these 13 common mistakes.

1. Lack of personalization

Fully 62% of North American consumers respond favorably to emails with personalized content, research shows; the numbers are even higher in Europe and Asia. By providing more detailed promotions and discounts, along with well-tailored recommendations that help subscribers discover new products, personalization can make a big difference in a company's sales.

Take the time to learn about the contacts on your email list. When they subscribe, ask for details, such as where they live, their age, job title, etc. Include polls in your emails and track which subscribers and what so you can deliver better-personalized content to them each time you send out an email.

2. Not taking time to segment lists

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Erika Taylor Montgomery is CEO of Three Girls Media Inc., an award-winning content marketing and PR firm in the greater Seattle area.

Twitter: @publicityerika

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