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Topic: Copywriting

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Another Way To Say One Stop Shop

Posted by michelletrex on 500 Points
Can anyone think of another way to say "One Stop Shop" please. The company sells all the stuff you need to set up a shop or warehouse (or office).

  • Posted on Member
    Hey Michelle, here are a few ideas:

    The XXXX specialists

    Everything you need from A to Z

    The "everything for your business" store

    Your single source for XXXX

    Also, some other words that connote "one-stop" shopping:

    full service

    soup to nuts





    Super Center

  • Posted on Member
    I'm assuming that your looking for a potential name for your company which would set it apart, a brand name. This is a critical stage in creating a unique name in the marketplace. Although you didn't give me much to go on, here's a couple to toss to you: Everything Office, Shop-in-a-Box, or maybe, Business Basket. You might get more responses on this from the "Branding" forum. Or, provide a little more about what you're trying to create.
  • Posted by michelletrex on Author

    Thanks so far.

    I'm wanting to describe our offering in our literature but am struggling. I've got the brand and I've got the tag, "Shop, Office, Warehouse - Warehouse" but I lack the simple story that describes what the product offering is.

    "Soup to Nuts" that's really funny. You must have met the staff!

    If it helps, actually it won't, I'd like to use the word "performance"?

    Difficult I know but I don't give away 500 points for nothing!

  • Posted on Member
    Hi ccoldren,
    I think you can use A -Z Super store. Performance at your best. We meet all your needs. Check us out.

    Hope this helps. This is an idea.

    All the best,

    Web URL deleted by staff
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    a quick question - are you primarily targeting new or relocating businesses, or are you primarily targeting existing, established businesses?
  • Posted by NoStressXpress on Member
    Everything & Anything: The Impossible Everyday! Miracles Upon Special Request!

    Everything & Anything for Shops, Offices or Warehouses-In One Location!

    Complete Erector Sets for Your Shop, Office or Warehouse.

    The Shop, Office & Warehouse Concierge

    The Shop, Office & Warehouse Supermarket

    I sure hope this helps. You're right - this is difficult!
  • Posted on Member
    Hi Michelle

    Why should customers buy from this brand over competitors?

    What's unique to the brand?

    Who are you targeting, are you not targeting a niche? pricing points, is this a low-med-top end service?

    You could maybe think of using Performance in your strapline instead of a name.


    Biz Resource

    Business Stop (One Business Stop, 1 Biz Stop)

    One Resource

    Business Checkout (Biz Checkout)

    Business Setup Store

    Setup Store

    Hope these help.

    Zahid Adil
  • Posted on Member
    You need copy, I got copy.

    What's in a warehouse, you may ask. At Shop, Office, Warehouse - Warehouse, you'll find everything you need to open your business for business. We've gathered an outstanding selection of business supplies, fixtures, and other materials to fill your space from the ground up. One place to go to start and run your shop, or office, or warehouse. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we've got you covered. Unsurpassed performance, that’s what you deserve, that’s what we deliver. From our warehouse to your doorstep, guaranteed.

    It needs some input and polish.
  • Posted by michelletrex on Author
    You last two blokes are on the right track. They sell pallet racking and shop fittings with a little office stuff, whilst staying away from comsumables like paper and pens.

    The Company name and tag is:

    Business Warehouse (tm)
    Shop Office Warehouse - Warehouse

    (as the shops are like warehouses)

    I often write "From the shopfront to the roller door, we have what you're looking for"

    But I don't think it is easy to understand and dosen't add to the personality.

    Still like the word Performance can anyone think of another word that adds personality?

  • Posted on Member
    From our warehouse to your roller door,
    Pride in performance and so much more!
  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    Get your business "up and running" without running around!

    The only place you need to go for your business to go places!

    Your business will go places--but you don't have to!

    Gets you into business fast, and down to business sooner!

    ("PERFORMANCE" is a little forced, but here are a couple that try...)

    Improve your business performance without jumping through hoops!

    Less shopping time means better performance for your business.
  • Posted by michelletrex on Author
    Ladies and gentlemen I think we have a winner...To the gentleman wearing the brown caftan... going going....
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    Hi, stranger!

    If I had to pick one word to hang my hat on, it would be READY (instead of performance). Something like...

    Business Warehouse
    "Get ready for business."

    "Get ready to open up shop."

    "Everything's ready for your enterprise."

    "Your company headquarters, ready to go."

    Know what I mean? If I were more lucid, I'd probably have better ideas to offer. Maybe tomorrow?   ;]
  • Posted by michelletrex on Author

    Please continue drinking and keep those thoughts coming!

  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    Everything your office, store or warehouse needs

    Your office / store/ warehouse launch pad

    The launch pad for your office, store or warehouse

    It's like a loading dock for your business

    The one place for office, store or warehouse needs

    The office, store and warehouse department store

    Everything for offices, stores and warehouses

    There's no place like this place, anyplace!
    (Oops, that one's taken ...)

    Copy Bits:

    Everything you need to open the doors of your office, store or warehouse is right here, under one roof.

    Ready to launch your office, store or warehouse? Need to update or replace your supplies or equipment? Don't run all over town when Business Warehouse has it all.
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    hi michelle

    great response above. how about these...

    "The SOW (Shop, Office & Warehouse) Universe"

    "Shop, Office & Warehouse needs under one roof"

    "Single Point Center for Shop, Office & Warehouse"

    "We cover all you need for Shops, Office & Warehouse"

    "From Nails to Lights, we have everything for Shops, Office & Warehouse"

    (change nails and Lighs with anything you like)

    hope that helps.

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    I kept drinking, and it didn't help. So then I tried taking a shower, which produced:

    Business Warehouse
    "Fixtures, furnishings and commercial supplies. All under one roof."


    "Fixtures, furnishings and commercial supplies. Get it all here."

    Please don't send me to the bathtub!   ;]
  • Posted by michelletrex on Author
    Thank you all for your input. All worthy of points but 2 real standouts.

    dbates - I have actioned the "the" and the "&", well spotted.

    Browncatfan (Brown Caftan lol) Also using your ideas in my advertising. This is highly unusual as I am normally too vain but really good ideas.

    Until next time....Michelle

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