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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Launch Sporty Car Idea With Test Drive

Posted by princess_soly on 50 Points
I need to come up with ideas for launching a new golf car that will target potential buyers and existing drivers. the main aim is to generate sales from the event.

we are not interested in a showroom event or a corporate event.

The target audience attending the event should be potential buyers mainly.

Product personality
The sporty core
Best in dynamics
Athletic performance / dynamics

looking for some helpful ideas.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Are you targeting individuals, golf club members, golf courses, or someone else?
    Located where?
    What about the demographic: age, golf experience, income level, gender, etc.?
    What will make this car better/different from the competition?
    Why will this matter to the owners?
  • Posted by princess_soly on Author
    Hi Jay,

    we are actually targeting individuals who are able to buy this car in the middle east. usually young people are into buying Sport suspension and top sport seats cars.

    we can play as well around the existing buyers of the same brand. all what we need from them is to buy the new 2014 launched car .

    during the launch day there will be definitely test drive but am looking for a creative/different idea where i can launch the car to the targeted customers as they will be invited through our database.

    what i know for now is the following

    Reason to buy is : Performance, style, unique in combining daily functionality and sporty driving ---˃ sportscar in a hatch, super high power and low consumption

    Consumer insight: Men who know they got that boy inside them (that needs releasing from time to time).

    How does it make me feel? (emotional) , Makes you feel alive and Inject fun in your life

    in addition to the product personlaity as i mentioned above.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Is this a sporty VW Golf (like the ones that do 260km/h up the A8) or is this a souped up Golf caddy?

    What actually makes this vehicle any different from any other sports car? (If sports car it be). After all, the VW Golf simply had good road holding, a powerful engine and decent highways to speed on. Are these "unique functionalities" actually unique?

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