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Tell Me The Difference Between Copywriting And Content Writing

Posted by alinajohnmike on 25 Points
Can someone tell me the difference between copywriter and content writer? I want someone to write my brand content. To whom should I approach?

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The only difference is really the intended use/objective of the end product. Content writers are all copywriters, but not all copywriters are adept at content marketing. In fact, copywriters are usually thought of as writing advertising copy, and not all content is considered advertising.

    For brand content, you probably want to hire someone who is expert in branding and who understands the role of brand communication. They will probably also want to know about your target audience and marketing plans, as well as your branding and content marketing strategies.

    I'd be willing to discuss a path forward for you. No cost or obligation, of course. Feel free to contact me via the email address in my profile.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Content marketing provides the guts, nuts, and bolts for interesting articles, blogs, video scripts, podcast narratives, social media posts, and e-mail sequences. It's to do with attracting attention, focusing interest, and creating and expanding a community.

    Copywriting is the side of marketing concerned with creating the sales letters, messaging sequences, calls to action, and persuasion required to drive attention and actions to landing pages, away from print and digital ads, and from elements of direct mail. It's to do with sales: driving them, overcoming objections, closing sales, and repeating them.
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