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Engage or Die: The Insiderís Guide to Social Media for Marketing and PR

Brian Solis
Thu., Aug 27, 2009, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

Public Relations as a practice and a business is dying.† Without fusing public relations, digital anthropology, and customer empathy, we PR folks are well on our way to extinction as an industry.† While Social Media represents an opportunity for a communications renaissance, it is merely a means to build communities through engagement and participation.

Success in the new genre of consumer influence and user-generated governance requires the ability to genuinely create and nurture loyal and vibrant communities. In order to inspire a community, you have to first gain credibility within it. That wonít happen through traditional, message-driven broadcast campaigns. Attend this seminar to discover how.


Brian Solis founded FutureWorks, Inc. with the goal of building a communication bridge between the rapidly evolving world of high technology, the technical needs of consumers and businesses, and their channels for learning about new solutions.

In February 1999, Solis assembled a like-minded team of tech-savvy PR professionals to package and deliver real world solutions to leading journalists and opinion makers. Solis believes that building market "presence" and "mind share" is the most important way to help clients grow and meet their own business objectives. Solis maintains a high standard of excellence and always raises the bar for delivering results. Not driven by fame or large retainers, only impacting the bottom-line for his clients, Solis and FutureWorks have built valuable relationships with "in-the-know" analysts and journalists who cover high-technology markets.

Brian Solis has been one of the visionaries helping to integrate and leverage the reach of the Web and new media into day-to-day PR. Today, he is also one of the leaders helping to align PR with social media and search engine optimization (SEO). He is the co-founder of Social Media Club, sits on several boards to organize events dedicated to advancing PR and online technologies, and contributes articles and podcasts on the subjects of PR, social media, SEO, and blogger relations to many industry magazines, newsletters and blogs.

Who Should Attend?

Product marketing, marketing communication, and marketing strategy professionals who are seeking best practices for using Web 2.0 in their marketing plans.

What Will You Learn?

  • Who owns social media and why public relations is primed for leadership
  • How to adapt services to the new media landscape
  • The new landscape of competition for communications
  • The process and advantages of becoming the very people we want to reach
  • The metrics required to justify new activities and direction
  • Creating effective social media press releases
  • The process of listening and what to do with the information obtained
  • The value of "less is more" and how to prove it
  • How to become the influencer AND the trusted resource

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