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Web Analytics All Over Again: What's Old, New, Tried, and True

Jim Sterne
Roy Young
Thu., Oct. 20, 2005, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 3 star(s)

In 2004, Jim Sterne brought us the highlights from the Emetrics Summit - three days in Santa Barbara and three days in London. This year, he's doing it again. What's happened in the interim? What new issues are we dealing with? What old ones have new solutions? What makes for a best practice in measuring online success these days? Jim shares learnings from CBS, Dell, Forrester Research, the Internet Advertising Bureau, Intuit, Jupiter Research, Lastminute.com, Microsoft, Yahoo! and more.

From the stories of these successful companies, you will learn practical approaches you can apply in your Web organization, taught by Jim Sterne, a leading Web analytics consultant and Senior Contributor to MarketingProfs.


Jim Sterne produced the world’s first “Marketing on the Internet” seminar series in 1994. Today, Jim is an internationally known speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs, Jim focuses his twenty years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of a Web site as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. He has written five books on Internet marketing, advertising and customer service including, his most recent, Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success. Jim produces the annual Emetrics Summit in Santa Barbara and London (www.emetrics.com).

Who Should Attend?

Marketing professionals responsible for a web site at all levels in all industries.

What Will You Learn?

  • Today's top ten Web analytics problems
  • How to align the Web function with the business strategy
  • How to select Web analytics tools
  • The practical side of implementation
  • How to managing multiple site updates every day
  • How to convince upper management to fund the effort
  • How to convince your business colleagues to use the data
  • How much you need to worry about cookies
  • Why a job in web analytics puts you in line for a C-level position

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