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  • Virtual events can help your company create meaningful new connections with customers, build up and bolster your online presence, and weather the ongoing challenges of 2021. Sponsored by GoToWebinar.

  • If your brand's efforts to personalize customer communications are stuck at "Dear (first name)," it's time to up your game. With the right data, high-impact personalization is within your reach. Get ready to use dynamic content to your advantage. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • If challenges like data access, timing, and inflexible technology are holding you back from deploying personalized campaigns at scale, it's time for a change. Get ready to master the three levels of personalization and drive more revenue. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • Customers want personalized messaging. There's no way around this reality if you want to drive loyalty and revenue in today's marketplace. But, what's the best and easiest way to get started and stop "spraying and praying"? It begins with user and event data. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • An effective webinar program can help you turn prospects into customers—and customers into loyal advocates. It's the best tool in your arsenal to connect with customers in a meaningful way. This guide offers inspiration to get you started. Sponsored by GoToWebinar.

  • Effective retail-marketing campaigns allow your brand to maximize the value of each customer and each touch point. But you need a strategic plan that makes your brand stand out, gives customers the info they need and want—and drives business. It's time for a red carpet-worthy makeover. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • Effective mobile marketing campaigns allow your brand to maximize engagement and sales opportunities at each phase in the customer journey. But you need a plan that ensures you're using best practices at each customer touchpoint—to drive loyalty and revenue. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • Are your marketing efforts resonating with the developers who can help you boost sales? Developers are a tough group to connect with, but you can start by making it easier for them to get the information they need about your products and services. Sponsored by Stack Overflow.

  • Are you still treating mobile marketing separately from desktop-based marketing—and missing out on potential insights and revenue? It's time to focus on one consistent approach and the tech that can help you streamline your efforts. Sponsored by Iterable.

  • Are you stuck using a "good enough" entry-level ESP? It's time to consider an upgrade that will improve your customers' experience—and your revenue. (Plus, it's easier than you think.) Sponsored by Iterable.

  • Lead generation is no longer about just filling the top of the funnel. It's imperative that we, as marketers, start building real and lasting relationships with clients, prospects, and customers from day one.

  • Are you feeling weighed down by your (and your clients') data? Advanced marketing analytics can help your digital consultancy gain more powerful insights, drive growth, and improve efficiency. Sponsored by Adverity.

  • What are the best ways to strengthen your business in this time of COVID-19? It starts with maintaining your connection with local customers and an effective use of marketing tools and tactics. Sponsored by BrandMuscle.

  • Are you ready to increase the effectiveness of your co-op marketing program? This guide contains everything you need to know. Sponsored by BrandMuscle.

  • It's hard to create marketing reports that are meaningful and effective. But it's also essential for justifying marketing activities, conveying ROI, and securing more budget. So what's the secret? Sponsored by Adverity.

  • Are you up to speed with when, where, and how your target audiences are clicking, reading, and responding? This report will help you benchmark your performance against your peers and turn subscriber insights into strategies and tactics that boost your success. Sponsored by Litmus.

  • We've all been there: You spend a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect email, only to learn that the email that looked beautiful in your email editor doesn't look great out in the real world. Are you ready to fix your email frustrations and fails? Sponsored by Litmus.

  • Social media is ever changing, with networks coming, going, and changing in popularity—plus, there's increasing scrutiny and governmental oversight. How's a marketer to keep up? Sponsored by Trust Insights.

  • If you're a marketer, you're also a writer. Embrace it! Improve the skills you already have so you can tackle new, more challenging projects with confidence. We've got the perfect toolkit to help you create marketing writing success.

  • Marketer happiness and fulfillment aren't often the topics of research, but we're breaking from the norm. This one-of-a-kind study looks into what makes today's marketers tick and what some of the happiest and most successful marketers are doing to stay at the top of their game.