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Positioning Statement: The Foundation for the Entire Marketing Effort

Now that you've chosen a segment (or segments) you're ready to position your product or service in each segment. You'll need a positioning statement for each targeted segment.

But what does positioning mean? It simply means how you want your target segment to perceive you. Note that this is not necessarily how they see you now, but how you want them to see you. In essence, then, it is a promise to the target segment that you will provide them with the benefits they care about the most.

Looking at a perceptual map for the segment you're targeting gives a good indication of the benefits that are desired by the segment, and also the challenges you may face given any perceptual gaps. Assuming you have the requisite capabilities to close those gaps, you can simply use those most desired benefits as the basis of the positioning statement. But what is a positioning statement?

Basically a positioning statement has four parts: the name of the customer segment, the most important benefits to that segment, the primary competitors (however this is not that important), and the key reasons why you can provide the customer benefits better than the competition. In template form it might look like this:

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