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The State of Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for real data that can help you match social media tools and tactics to your marketing goals? The State of Social Media Marketing, an original research report from MarketingProfs, gives you the inside scoop on how 5,140 marketing and business professionals are using social media to create winning campaigns, measure ROI, and reach audiences in new and exciting ways.

With more than 193 charts and graphs, this research will help you:

  • Distinguish between hype and fact when it comes to using social media tools to promote your brand and products
  • Determine the true cost of tweeting, blogging and using social media tools, including social media marketing salaries
  • Understand how marketers use social media tactics and establish benchmarks for emerging tactics
  • Discover the corporate qualities and marketing personalities that are best suited to social media
  • Get advice and best practices from social media pros

This 242-page report provides a unique opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of other marketing professionals. Download it today and get the data you need to plan, measure, and monetize your social media efforts—including a Microsoft PowerPoint file of all of the charts and graphs making it easy to use the data in your presentations and plans. (See sample PowerPoint file.)

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