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Topic: E-Marketing

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Best Day/time To Send E-newsletter PRO Member

Posted by ginna.hall on 125 Points
What is the current conventional wisdom about the best weekday and time to distribute an e-newsletter? I'm working on a monthly for a new client who would like it to go out on the 1st of each month. Isn't it better to have it on the same day (first Tuesday, for example?) Does anyone know if day/time really influence open rates? Thank you!

  • Posted on Accepted

    Conventional wisdom indicates the day of the week an eNewsletter goes out is more important than the date.
    - Typically people avoid sending them on Mondays and Fridays.
    - Some people also say Wednesday is not too good either.
    - You might even hear a discussion about the best time to send them out.

    It all depends on your content and your audience of course, guidelines are exactly that - just guidelines.

    Hope this helps,
  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    We definitely do Wednesday for monthlies. First Wed of the first full week to be precise.

    Generally first thing in the am...though we have sent some late Tuesday night. Late night e-mails often get kicked as spam, tho.

    Response is consistently good...but again, you have to have good content. When customers start looking forward to receiving're in good shape.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Mid-day mails generally donot follow the spam route and 'day' is more important than 'date'.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi -
    We have great results with Thursdays. They go out through our cart so it is usually very early AM.

  • Posted by AmSam on Accepted
    I'm not too sure about a convention, but by first hand experience I can tell you Tuesday is the best day of the week to send out any email promotions, and second Best would be Wednesday. We've tested this, and found there's a huge difference in response rate on Tuesdays.

    And it's reasonable as well.

    On Mondays, you are burdened with all the e-mails received during the weekends, and planning out the weeks work. But, towards Tuesday you have cleared most of your inbox stuff, and you are more open minded for reading emails popped into your inbox.

    For monthly's, it's best to choose the first Tuesday (or Wednsday) of the month, unless if the date it 1st, or 2nd.

    Talking about the time, it's better to time it after your target audience settle inside his office, but before the noon. That's approximately, around 9.30 to 11.00 am. If you send it too early, there's a chance that your mail to be ignored, among many other emails that they see when they first login to the mail client.

    But, if you time it after the target settles in his/her office, the chance that you get his/her attention is higher.
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Accepted
    Tuesdays 930 am is the best time I agree, and begining of Month but do monitor
  • Posted by steven.alker on Accepted
    Doesnít this approach rather depend on the average tendency of the recipient to bin a newsletter, rather than open it and then read it on any given day of the week due to other or external factors which make them more or less inclined to read or not read your production? That doesnít say a lot for the impact of the newsletter nor does it say much about the logic of ďChoosing a day / date / time / Star-Sign on or in which to send it! Come on, your worth more than that and so is your newsletter.

    Letís look at the flaws in the logic: Fridays are out because itís the end of the week and everyone is fed up, wanting to go home. Really? Try asking Sir Richard Branson to email them on a Friday offering them a directorship and see if they open and read that!

    Mondayís are out because people need to clear their desks and their inboxes from the accumulations of a weekís junk. Surely Thursdays are a bad idea because any serious email sender will have reasoned that as they canít send on a Monday or a Friday, then sending on a Thursday will be useless because you are only going to compete with quality and thatís tough. Wednesday is out because of all the people who will have rejected Friday and Thursday will have therefore decided to try on Wednesday, which will crowd you out. Tuesday is presumable a no-no due to people still being stressed at having to clear their desks on Monday, attending to the fall-out of things which werenít done over the weekend and mentally steeling themselves for the fact that tomorrow is the busiest day for people to send emails on (Statistically). Looks like thereís no day on which you can send a newsletter then!!

    If you are that worried, why donít you write to them, by hand, in a nice envelope, using a fountain pen? They will be so surprised that they will not only read your newsletter, but hire you as their next Marketing VP.

    Best wishes and do it any old day Ė itís only generalised statistics which state that email volumes and openings are on a curve peaking on Wednesday and finishing on Friday at a point which is usually lower than Monday. It doesnít mean that itís better to send on a given day or that recipients are more receptive on a given day. Itís just numbers!!

    Steve Alker
  • Posted by Clive Fernandes on Accepted
    Dear Ginna,

    Amitha (AmSam) has some excellent advice for you on timing, so I will not repeat that portion. What I would like to add is that the timing of your newsletter will also depend on the nature of its content.

    Also, check to see if a majority of your users have subscribed using their personal email addresses. In that case, perhaps sending your newsletter on the weekend might be a better idea.

    Of course, in case you have a big enough subscriber list you could also use split testing to figure out exact results on what works best for your newsletter and audience. That answer would be a hundred times more valuable than any conventional wisdom we can give you here.

    Hope this helps.

    Clive Fernandes
    Clive Fernandes Consulting
  • Posted on Accepted
    Though as noted above by many, conventional wisdom says no Monday or Friday, it might be an interesting experiment to go against the grain once or twice to see the results. For example, send on a Friday morning or something. Compare results to when you followed conventional wisdom.

    Email marketing is well suited for experimentation.

    As for time, a lot of email marketing seems to happen during the day but who is your audience and when are they likely to be reading their email?
  • Posted by annj on Accepted
    In the B2B software world (and in the UK if you want to read anything significant into that) I ran a test a couple of years ago which I've stuck with for running monthly newswires.
    Send it Friday lunchtime, when no-one else does, then when your targets get back from the pub, your news will be at the top of the pile to read while they're winding down towards the weekend. Personally, I tend to sift through my email newswires on Friday pm too though unfortunately I don't often get the time to go to the pub...
  • Posted by ginna.hall on Author
    Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I've been checking the logs from previous newsletters and it turns out our highest open rate was for a Friday delivery (!?) I think a test is in order and appreciate that suggestion greatly. You've given me good info for my next client meeting. Thanks again.
  • Posted on Member
    I think the day of the week you send an email is dependent on whether you work in a b2b or b2c environment. My research alongside an email agency called eadm ( shows that in b2b results have no pattern, as long as emails are sent during working hours. In b2c emails sent Monday - Friday just before lunch yield the best results as long as messages are appropriately targeted, with Friday giving the best open, click through and conversion rates.
  • Posted by steven.alker on Member
    Best open rate on a Friday??!!

    Oh dear! The astrologers will have a field day. Stick to superb content, send me your address and Iíll send you that fountain pen!

    Best wishes

  • Posted on Member
    For business - Mon. to Fri. - in the noon
    For private - specially fridays
  • Posted by steven.alker on Member
    I don't know if anyone has ever tried a double-blind test, sending an email to a randomised sample of 20,000 with 10,000 going out on a Wednesday and 10,000 on a Sunday, then repeating it 4 times to give it some statistical relevance (Using 100,000 email addresses in total)

    If anyone has carried out research on this then I've not seen it published. If it hasn't been done, all we are doing is inferring things from email receipt rates, which isn't the same thing.

  • Posted by steven.alker on Member

    Thanks for the heads up for the MarketingSherpa report. That was useful information.


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