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Solving B2B Marketing Dilemmas: A Sneak Peek at the Boston B2B Forum on Driving Sales

B2B Forum 2008 Featured Speakers
Roy Young
Thu., May 15, 2008, 12pm ET (9am PT)
60 minutes

On June 9 and 10, we’re assembling the best minds in the industry in Boston to share today's most intriguing ideas and tactics across a wide spectrum of marketing practices, from brand building to lead generation to customer retention. In this special online presentation, get a sneak peek of “Driving Sales: What’s New + What Works” when our own Roy Young talks with its key presenters to get a realistic take on the issues, and what it will take to solve today’s biggest B2B marketing dilemmas.

Any MarketingProfs member can attend this presentation! Make sure you're logged in on our site, then click the blue "Get Seminar Materials" button on the right to see instructions for connecting to the live broadcast.


B2B Forum 2008 Featured Speakers

This conference preview will be moderated by our own Roy Young. Among his guests are:

  • Stephanie Miller, Vice President of Return Path, who will be moderating the panel on "B2B Email That Moves the Needle"
  • Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer, crayon, who talks on "Gaining and Maintaining Real Competitive Advantage Today by Leveraging New Technologies and Tomorrow's Best Business Practices"
  • Lewis Green, President, L&G Business Solutions, a panelist on "Is Social Media Harder for B2B Than B2C?"
  • Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing, leads the session "Proving Marketing's Value: Tangible Tools and Metrics for the 21st Century"
  • Lee Erickson, President, Erickson Barnett, Inc., who is speaking on "Creating a B2B Social Media Strategy"

Who Should Attend?

If you are considering attending in Boston, or just want to hear more, here’s your chance to listen to the leaders, and to begin to apply practical lessons that can profoundly impact your sales growth. Bring the whole team to this sneak peek to maximize all your organization can learn!

What Will You Learn?

  • How some marketers use messaging, including the tried and true email, to draw more prospects into their sales pipeline, and how you could, too.
  • Learn whether social media is right for your business. If it is, glean some tips for integrating traditional and Web 2.0 media.
  • What metrics you need to keep an eye on to measure the effectiveness of your own campaigns.
  • Why it’s critical to prove to the CEO and CFO marketing's impact on the bottom line.


At the end of the live broadcast, we're going to randomly choose someone from the audience to receive two free nights at the conference site, the four-star Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, June 8 and June 9. The winner must register for the conference to be eligible for the prize.

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