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How to Create a Monster Fan Base

Jackie Huba
DJ Waldow
Thu., Apr 25, 2013 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
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Anyone who's tried to put together a loyal and dedicated customer base knows the goal can be hair-pullingly elusive; one brand skyrockets, while another doesn't generate the interest it should. One of the most recent success stories on this front is avant-garde, dance-beat-driven performer Lady Gaga. No matter your opinion of her work, you can't deny her success in attracting and keeping a large base of loyal fans, who have been playfully dubbed her "Little Monsters."

This PRO seminar will share seven of Lady Gaga's lessons of success that can be applied to any brand. Be sure to tune in, and learn how to build a strong and loyal fan base!


Jackie Huba is the author of the upcoming book Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. She is also the coauthor of two books on customer loyalty: Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Salesforce and Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message. Jackie coauthors the award-winning Church of the Customer blog. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, her work has frequently been featured in the media, such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Advertising Age. Jackie is an 11-year veteran at IBM, a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic, and resides in Austin, Texas.

Who Should Attend?

If you're looking to turn your fan base into your own crew of little monsters, this seminar is for you!

What Will You Learn?

  • How to focus on the intensely-engaged super fans who drive your brand with word-of-mouth
  • How to create a strong emotional connection with your customers
  • Building a brand-based community by connecting your most loyal customers to one another


Monster Loyalty As a special bonus with this PRO seminar, ten lucky winners will be chosen at random to win a free copy of Jackie Huba's forthcoming book Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. This book explores Lady Gaga's biography and fan philosophy, and goes into deep detail on her seven base-building lessons any business can learn and apply. To qualify, simply complete the short survey at the end of the live Q&A session.

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