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Bridging the B2B Sales and Marketing Gap

Jeff Thull
Roy Young
Thu., Oct. 12, 2006, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

The chasm between marketing and sales organizations has existed for years and continues to be a challenge. Now more than ever, with the speed and complexity of todayís marketplace, the need to bridge the gap is crucial to enabling profitable revenue growth.

The key to successful alignment is to institute a uniform process and language that encompasses the same diagnostic approach by both the sales and the marketing organizations. It means helping marketing rethink their approach to provisioning the sales organization with the tools and materials to guide the entire value creation life cycle from the value proposition (a capability) to value achievement (a promise fulfilled). It means transitioning both organizations from a presentation based focus on communicating value, to a diagnostic focus on creating value.

Jeff Thull, with first-hand experience in transforming the sales and marketing organizations, will share key insights from a case study of an organizationís change process. Gain invaluable insights into how aligning marketing and sales through this unique approach will translate your marketing strategy into sales results.


Jeff Thull is a leading-edge strategist and valued adviser for executive teams of major companies worldwide. As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programs for companies like Shell Global Solutions, Siemens, 3M, Microsoft, Intel, Citicorp, IBM and Georgia-Pacific, as well as many fast track, start-up companies. He has gained the reputation for being a thought leader in the arena of sales and marketing strategies for companies involved in complex sales.

Jeff is also the author of the best selling books Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High, and The Prime Solution: Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale. Jeffís new book, Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales was released September 2006. To download Chapter One of Exceptional Selling, visit

Last year Jeff also presented the MarketingProfs virtual seminar, Breakthrough Communication Strategies in Today's B2B Market.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals in B2B marketing at all levels in all industries.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to eliminate the five barriers to achieving optimal value
  • How to leverage value to increase your sales
  • How to ensure your value propositions create lucrative sales and loyal customers
  • How to align marketing and sales efforts to improve lead generation and conversion rates by collaborating on demand generation programs

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