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Capturing Customers: How to Transition From Product Promoters to Trusted Advisers

Carla Johnson
Jennifer Kelly
Thu, Jun 18, 2015, 12pm ET
60 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

In today's hyper-connected world, grabbing the attention of prospects and nurturing them into customers is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to be successful, brands must find a way to stand out in a noisy marketplace, but many struggle with how to do it.

In this PRO seminar, we'll talk about why marketers need to change their approach to capturing and keeping buyer attention. You'll learn how to transition your marketing from being product-centered to thought leadership-centered, and ultimately, how to establish yourself as a trusted adviser within your industry. We'll also share the tactics other successful B2B brands are using to do just this.


Carla Johnson is a strategist, speaker, and storyteller who works to help marketers unlock, nurture, and strengthen their storytelling muscle. She is a trusted adviser to blue-chip brands to establish open conversations, instill creative confidence, and inspire an environment that develops highly prized teams and stellar business value. Carla's book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, teaches marketers how to develop, manage, and lead the creation of story-driven brand experiences for their organizations.

Who Should Attend?

This PRO seminar is for enterprise marketers and salespeople who struggle to connect with prospects in the sales funnel, convert them to customers, and turn them into dedicated customers after the sale.

What Will You Learn?

At the end of this seminar, you'll be able to:

  • Adjust your marketing approach from talking about what you sell (brand-centered) to solving problems (customer-centered)
  • Gain the attention of B2B buyers using thought leadership tactics
  • Use best practices to convert prospects to loyal evangelists

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