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Managing Your Reputation in a Social World

Christine B. Whittemore
Valerie Witt
Thu., Mar. 10, 2011, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
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Businesses must take social interactions seriously because:

1. 70 to 90% of people start the purchase process at a search engine window

2. If a business can't be found online, it doesn't exist

3. Whether or not a company participates in digital conversations about its brand, business, or category, the conversations will take place

Many companies fear interacting with their customers digitally because of the social media horror stories they've heard. And, yet, when companies don't engage, they miss out on unheard opportunities to connect with customers online, obtain feedback from them, and develop long-term relationships. There's more to be gained from participating—and actively managing one's social reputation—than not. By participating in digital conversations, businesses have a chance to guide the interaction, share perspective, and more importantly, learn and obtain unique insights that can only improve a company's competitiveness!

This seminar will examine the good and the bad, contrast customer and business perspectives, highlight best practices and strategies for managing your reputation in a social world, and offer guidelines on how to make the most out of conversations with customers.


Christine B. Whittemore is chief simplifier of Simple Marketing Now LLC, a social media and content marketing consultancy focused on helping organizations make their marketing work harder. She has been immersed socially and digitally since 2006 when she launched her first blog, Flooring The Consumer, about the retail experience and marketing to women. Since then, she has launched several blogs, including the Simple Marketing Blog, a Junta42 Top Content Marketing Blog. Christine contributes to MarketingProfs and MarketingProfs Daily Fix, the Content Marketing Institute and Floor Covering Weekly, a Hearst publication. She participated in Toby Bloomberg's Social Media Marketing GPS, the first business book written via Twitter. She frequently speaks about marketing with content and social media. A member of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Business School Alumni club of New York, she is developing a social media strategy to improve club communications. Christine published an ebook titled Social Media's Collective Wisdom: Simplifying Marketing with Social Media based on the insights of 26 prominent social media practitioners. Follow her on Twitter at @cbwhittemore.

Who Should Attend?

If you're new to social media, in need of a back-to-basics refresher, or looking to transition your digital social efforts from product promotion to customer connection, this session is for you. It will provide important information for marketing, communications, and customer service professionals, as well as those leading customer-facing initiatives and managing social media efforts.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to set expectations—internally and externally—for managing your reputation in a social world
  • How to integrate digital conversations into your business
  • How to monitor customer conversations and know when to respond
  • The value of digital social tools for connecting with customers

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