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  • Brands can no longer treat product data and marketing content in isolation. Accurate, comprehensive product data is critical to building trust via emotive, interactive content. In turn, that partnership of product data and content is essential to driving sales.

  • Influencer marketing is no longer a B2C-exclusive space. Many B2B brands are discovering the benefits of an influencer strategy. Here are five tactics to use when planning your B2B influencer campaign.

  • Marketing veteran Mark Harari talks positioning and crisis communication, and he shares tips from his new book, Lobster on a Cheese Plate.

  • Marketers and consumers differ in what they believe makes a brand best-in-class on social media, according to recent research from Sprout Social.

  • One of the easiest ways to scale your business—and earn more revenue with less effort than it takes to build new products—is to work with channel partners. Ensure your success by building a solid marketing partnership.

  • The idea of branding may seem old school, but a strong brand is needed to help you stand out from in the noise. In this introductory lesson, we'll talk about these challenges and you'll get an overview of the seven dynamics you'll need to stand out.

  • Your brand is more than just your logo and slogan. Everything you say and do is a part of the meaning you create in the hearts and minds of those you serve. In this lesson you'll learn how to build a strong foundation by defining your brand spark and brand promise.

  • During this lesson, you'll learn how to evaluate your brand touchpoints—the building blocks and core elements—and determine which ones are most helpful in standing out in the hearts and minds of your customers.

  • Stories help us build brands that stand out. In this lesson, you'll learn how to tell your brand's core story, identify your main character, and define your brand voice.

  • Content is king. Content rules. But there's too much content today! What's a brand builder to do? During this lesson, you'll learn sustainable systems for creating unique content based on customer challenges and pain points.

  • People are key to building a strong, authentic brand. In this lesson, you'll develop a system for developing strong relationships among your community of brand advocates—from your employees to your best customers.

  • Brands today have to be transparent in what they say and what they do. Also, as complex as our world is, simplicity is key in standing out. During this lesson, you'll learn how to audit your brand for clarity—both in terms of transparency and simplicity.

  • You build your brand through everything you do, from traditional one-way touchpoints like advertising to interactive touchpoints like social media. In this lesson, you'll learn to map your brand experience—both online and off—and address any gaps you may have.

  • With the seven dynamics mastered, it's time to focus on the ongoing work of brand building. During this final lesson, you'll learn to connect your day-to-day branding to important organizational concepts, like company culture and growth.

  • Are you looking to build a brand that stands out in our crowded, distracted, digital world? Then you won't want to miss this Master Class, taught by strategist, speaker, author, and educator Nick Westergaard.

  • The goal of positioning, which is a strategic process, is to create benefit associations in the minds of your prospective customers. That's because your brand messaging won't hold up unless you've first built your positioning. Here's what you need to know.

  • Digital presence is the totality of how you're represented on the Web, from site landing pages and blog posts to social content and online reviews. So, how can you boost your digital presence?

  • Customer insights master Debbie MacInnis and positioning expert Allen Weiss join us to talk about two strategic areas in which organizations are struggling.

  • Brand strategist Nick Westergaard, author of 'Get Scrappy' and 'Brand Now,' breaks down the process of building a standout brand.

  • Most people say their perception of a company changes when they notice that it has made a grammar mistake, according to recent research from Tidio.