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Easy to use, our new online SmartTools make the implementation of smart, effective marketing programs simple by providing step-by-step blueprints to success. What makes SmartTools so great? They aren’t static Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word documents that lives on your desktop, but rather an interactive online toolkit.

As a password-protected Web service, you can access your SmartTools from anywhere at any time. You can jump around within your project, maintain multiple versions online, and print as much or as little as you like to make sharing and presenting information easy. Downloadable supporting templates are included too (like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks), because we all know that sometimes you just have to use a real spreadsheet or presentation, right?

Although the technology is great, what makes SmartTools really special is the content. Each SmartTools service has been designed by a subject matter expert and our editorial team with an eye toward best practices, ease of use, and quick turnaround. We pull together the key activities and information you need to rapidly create effective marketing programs.

SmartTools will help you:

  • Define objectives, set-up budgets, and assess financial benefits
  • Profile your audience and develop key messages and positioning
  • Create policy documents and assemble management presentations
  • Develop and implement promotional plans
  • Evaluate your program's impact by creating marketing dashboards ... and more!



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