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  • How a business presents its services to potential customers is of paramount importance. And you may get just one shot at it...

  • You've been told by "experts" for years that if you blog consistently, you will see truckloads of traffic, thousands of subscribers, and millions of dollars in sales. Here's the truth.

  • Some 18 months after the introduction of the iPad, 11% of US adults now own a tablet computer of some kind, and among them 53% access news via tablet every day, reading long articles as well as browsing headlines, according to a new report by Pew Research.

  • No matter who your customers are or what they desire, 13 human motivators, or "hot buttons," are ultimately responsible for driving sales. To boost sales, learn which motivators and human desires to tap into—and when.

  • In all your business communications, you want to put your best foot forward—and that calls for careful writing. Careful writing enhances your credibility, so avoid making these common errors and keep your copy clean.

  • Writing is a vital component of various marketing-related tasks. Effective writing can improve sales pitches, enhance brand value, and perfect ad campaigns. Spruce up your marketing with these five tips.

  • You can think of the case study as a cross between the testimonial and the business article. Like the testimonial, the case study features a satisfied customer who "speaks" on your behalf. Like the article, it's structured dramatically, with a clear beginning, middle and end, and holds your audience's attention through the tension of conflict and the anticipation of resolution.

  • A case study provides the opportunity to communicate the benefits that your product or service delivers, in the form of practical experiences of a user organization. This is so much more powerful and persuasive than any theoretical arguments you can muster. So why isn't every organization churning out case studies? A few do; but, for many, generating case studies is a real battle.

  • The secret to successful copy is in all the thought, work and research you do before you write a single word. In the following 10 tips, Kranz lifts the curtain to reveal the backstage mechanics you can leverage for more effective copywriting. Get the full story.

  • As the evidence shows, a white paper can be a powerful and persuasive marketing vehicle. Provided, of course, that the reader actually reads it. Here's how.

  • Writing blog posts (and comments on blogs) is actually very simple. Keep your copy lively, factual, tight, clear, short and search engine optimized. Here are basic blog style guidelines to follow.

  • What's MAMBA? Only the very thing that will make you write better marketing communications materials.

  • There's something that most writers neglect to take into consideration.

  • How do you write sizzle successfully when you’re selling something intangible to people who aren’t customers—but are almost as important?

  • When you prepare an important presentation, be sure to make the effort to make your copy flow.

  • Media relations is known for being both an art and a science. But sadly, many public relations professionals come across as if they're using a 99-cent watercolor set and grade school chemistry kit.

  • We've all heard the jokes about embarrassing translations in the marcom arena. But if you were were responsible for a hefty international marketing or ad budget, such gaffes would wipe the smile right off your face. There are some important lessons to learn about writing branding and ad copy in multiple languages.

  • The consulting proposal is a necessary evil. A great proposal can be decisive in winning a project; a poor one can cause you to lose a project, even if everything else in the sales process has gone flawlessly. Use these guidelines to a write a killer proposal every time.

  • Very often what gives you the emotional, hit-it-right-on-the-nose tools you need for successful writing are small nuances.